Washi Tape Wall

Washi tape has become a bit of a (minor) phenomenon in the UK having finally made it’s way over from Japan. Washi tape is basically a type of Japanese masking tape made from rice paper which comes in an endless supply of colours and patterns. It’s low tack (like masking tape) and easy to tear which means it’s great for sticking things to walls, furniture and basically anything you don’t want to permanently damage.

The great thing about washi tape is that you can instantly create a fun moodbaord or photo collage anywhere around your home and take it down or change it up whenever you fancy,  and it doesn’t damage the photo or the surface you’ve stuck it to.

Loads of places around the UK now stock washi tape, try Hema or Lovely Tape UK. I bought my tape from Nouvelle Daily which has a lovely selection of tapes in different colours and patterns (as well as a load of other gorgeous stationary bits and bobs – go check them out).

We have a load of polaroid photos and photo booth strips at home which I am never quite sure how to display, so washi tape seemed like the perfect solution to create a fun collage that can be added to or rearranged at any time.

Here’a a few photos from my washi tape wall experiment. I’m not sure how long it will last until I get bored of it, but that’s the beauty of washi tape – it doesn’t matter!


Multi colour washi


black and white washi






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