The Welsh Farmhouse

A couple of weekends ago Graham and I decided to escape the city and spend a long weekend in Gwynedd North Wales. The plan was to eat lots, read lots and go on a few walks and that is exactly what we did!

We stayed in my grandparents old secluded farmhouse near Snowdonia, which they bought in the 70s and lovingly restored. Although they both passed away almost a decade ago, we have still kept the farmhouse in the family and it’s still full of all their beautiful things, particularly reflecting my grandmothers rather eccentric taste.

The farmhouse is the ideal rural retreat with no phone signal, no TV and no neighbours – it’s the perfect way to wind down and recharge. Something you absolutely need to do in this hectic 24/7 world we now live in.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful farmhouse and surrounding countryside. I hope you enjoy the interior inspiration and are encouraged to arrange a rural retreat of you own.

Rebecca X



hallway chair

Upstairs window


map bedroom


kitchen window


the garden


high view of the house

welsh woods

sand dunes

frosty 2

frosty morninga



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