The daily five

Keeping on top of everything at home and not letting it pile up is a constant battle I often feel like I’ll never win! I don’t think I’ve ever looked around the house and thought ‘Oh great, I’ve tackled all the jobs that need doing around here better find something else to do’ it’s more often than not ‘what do I need to do this evening so we all have clean underwear/food to eat/plates to eat off tomorrow morning’.

A friend of mine on Instagram (@mygreigehouse) introduced me to a simple concept called The Daily Five which helps you tackle the most important jobs round the house whilst not beating yourself up for not being able to do everything. The idea is if you’ve completed your daily five that day then you can give yourself a big pat on the back and feel like you’ve got things under control.

I’ve gone through phases of using and not using the daily five as a way to keep on top of things and I can tell you things run more smoothly around here when I do.

I thought I’d share my daily five with you to inspire and help you come up with yours.

1. One load of washing washed and hung up to dry

2. Make the beds

3. Unload the dishwasher (I put the dishwasher on each evening before bed)

4. Wipe down kitchen surfaces

5. Sweep kitchen floor

The trick is to keep them manageable so that more often than not you complete them and feel like a domestic goddess (you also get bonus points if you complete them before 9am). My list is very orientated around the kitchen as that’s where most of the mess is made throughout the day (with a toddler trying to feed himself) but everyone’s daily five will look different depending on what your needs are.

Let me know any tips you have for getting things done around the home and keeping on top of everything.

Rebecca X


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