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I thought I’d start a monthly series which looks at styling with everyday objects that you find around the home.

Restyling what you already have is a great way to breathe new life into your place without spending any money and it also helps you appreciate what you own.

I’m a big book lover, something which has been cultivated by my mother. As a child there was never a limit on the number of books I was aloud to buy and this was further encouraged with unrestricted access to my mothers Amazon account.

In our flat we don’t have a huge amount of wall space and so there’s very few places we can put up shelves or bookcases. We have one bookcase in our bedroom but that’s it, so I’ve had to find clever ways of storing my books around the house without them all ending up piled in a corner (although this is still the fate of some of them).

My favourite way to style books is to pile them horizontally in mini pyramids, so you can easily see the spine of the book, adding in objects and pictures around them.

Grouping books in this way helps to divide up a big space or shelves, so that you can create smaller areas and focal points. If you have an open plan living room and kitchen books can also help demarcate these areas. For instance in our kitchen area I’ll group different piles of my cookbooks, by a big cosy armchair we have different novels displayed and by the TV and sofa we have our larger coffee table books which are great for browsing.

As well as grouping similar types of books I also try to group them in similar colours so as to create a sense of unity and some kind of scheme.


Styling books in this way also creates different heights and levels on which to display things. Little platforms and plinths on which you can showcase your treasures.

Once you’ve had a go at creating little pyramids of books you can start to play around with adding different objects to create more of a feature. Again finding objects that have colours that tie in with your books creates a kind of theme. It doesn’t have to be completely matching but just a couple of similar coloured accents will make it look more pleasing to the eye and styled rather than just piled.

Why not try playing around with the books in your home this week and see if you can create some new and exciting spaces.

Rebecca X



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