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Whether you are renting or have bought your own house, the bathroom is often the least desirable spot! They’re also often the last place you want to invest money (especially if you’re renting!). Here are some cheap essential items that I find will make any bathroom feel a little more lovely!

***sings isn’t she lovely***

1. If you have a small bathroom like mine the majority of the space can be dominated by the shower curtain so it’s important that you find something that’s fun and will make you smile when you get up in the morning for work. H&M Home do an amazing variety of fun cheap shower curtains that  can help you transform your bathroom instantly.

2. These glass jars from John Lewis are great for storing cotton wool buds and other things. They’re practical and I think they add a touch of glamour to the bathroom.

3. Another great product from H&M Home! I like to use these baskets to store spare loo paper in the bathroom so that you don’t have a huge bag of Andrex in the corner. I also have a bit of a love for copper at the moment, so this was a really easy way to inject it into the bathroom.

4. A good bath mat will make your morning routine feel a little bit nicer. I have been through a few bath mats in my time and find that some of the fluffiest and most expensive bath mats often end up looking quite ragged and grubby in a short space of time. This White Company bath mat is great, it’s really thick and soaks up all the water when getting out of the shower but also feels quite luxurious. I’ve been through a couple of these and have found that they wear and wash really well, which means you don’t end up wanting to get a new one after a couple of months.

5. Finally, I think the key to making any bathroom feel nicer is to ensure that your greeted by a lovely smell when walking in. You can spend an absolute fortune on fragrance diffusers and candles, however I have found this lovely diffuser by Prices which smells gorgeous (very fresh and light) but doesn’t cost a huge amount. It’s fairly discreet so you can pop it anywhere in the bathroom and let it work its magic.

I hope this has given you a few ideas of how you can spruce up your bathroom with very little hassle and money. Let me know how you get on.

Rebecca X


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