Sleep for all the family

There’s nothing quite like getting a good nights sleep. You can try to counteract sleep deprivation with gallons of coffee or superfoods but at the end of the day the only thing that can set you right is sleep. Sleep deprivation hit me hard after I had Quentin and I remember googling ‘can you die from lack of sleep’ (it is after all a form of torture in some places). Needless to say, like many new parents, sleep became a bit of an obsession and so I decided to look at what essential oils could do to try and bring our family some rest.

Thankfully Quentin turned out to be quite a good sleep, once we got over the initial six months, but we’ve still kept up his nighttime routine we started when he was very little and essential oils are still a part of it.

Our routine is nothing unusual, like a lot of families it consists of bath time, a bottle and a few stories before bed. Whilst his bath is running I like to put 2-3 drop of Lavender essential oil in the bath to help him (and me) wind down for the end of the day. It fills the bathroom with a lovely calming scent and helps set the tone as it comes to the end of his evening.

Once bath time is over and he’s getting into his pjs I like to put an essential oil blend, we call it sleepy oil, on the balls of his feet and his big toes before putting him into his onesie. We’ve found this has had a wonderful effect in helping him get to sleep quicker and to sleep for longer. Since we’ve been using it for a long time now the smell is also an indicator to him that it’s almost time to go to sleep.

The sleepy oil is not just for Quentin, if I’m particularly in need of a good nights sleep or I’m finding it hard to switch off I like to use it on my feet and on the back of my neck to help me unwind.

I make it up in little glass rollerballs (I get these from Baldwins) so it’s very easy to take with you if you’re away for the night and also makes a great gift for people. I’ve given it out to loads of people and my mother now swears by it.

Sleepy Oil Recipe

* 10 drops lavender essential oil

* 10 drops cedar wood essential oil

* 10 drops of roman camomile or vetiver essential oil (both are great so it depends on your preference)

* Jojoba oil

Add your essential oils to your rollerball then fill up the rest with jojoba oil

And that’s our secret to a good nights sleep in our home. Let me know how you and your family get your sleep.

Rebecca X


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