Quentin’s book corner

We’ve been slowly doing up Quentin’s room over the last year (emphasis on the slowly) and I think we’ve almost finished it. I might do a full blog post on his room once all his pictures and posters are up but for now I thought I’d do a mini post on his book corner which I shared on Instagram a while ago.

I really wanted to create a cozy little corner in Q’s room where he/we could read books and have some quiet time either in the middle of the day or before bed.

I wanted the space to work for him so he can independently pick up a book and settle down for a good ol’ read. In order to do this we made sure that everything was at the right height for him rather than high us so that he didn’t need our help to reach things.

We pulled this corner together very quickly one afternoon with a couple of things from Ikea and other stuff sourced from around the house (my favourite way to update your home).

On the floor we put a lovely quilt that was a gift to Q when he was born, a sheepskin rug from Ikea that we already owned and also a welsh wool blanket (another gift when he was born). We then found a load of old cushions that we used to keep on the spare bed but weren’t really getting much use so we decided to bring them down to his room. As a christmas present we also got him the two larger cushions you can see at the back from Made.com (he may not have asked for them but because he’s too young to know what’s going on I decided they would be his christmas present from us). And finally my very talented friend Olivia made him the beautiful ‘Q’ cushion in the centre.

On the left hand side we put up a little lamp which is from Ikea and can either be attached to the wall of clamped on a shelf or something similar. I love this little light because he can reach the switch and turn it on and off as he pleases. I also thought it would be handy when he’s a bit older and sleeping in a bed, rather than a cot, as it will mean he’ll be able to get up and turn a light on in the morning (the main light switch is way too high).

I picked up two Beatrix Potter prints when we were at the Museum of Childhood and found some cheap frames to put them in. These prints came with mounts which was a bonus! I often try and pick up a few prints whenever we visit a museum as you can find some great bargains.

Finally we added this Ikea bookshelf on the right which displays books front facing, a much easier way for children to see what they have. There’s a limit to the number of books it can hold which means we can swap books out seasonally so he doesn’t get bored or overwhelmed with options.

It’s been a real hit so far. Quentin loves picking a book to read and cozying up under the blanket and every evening we squeeze up together as a family and read a couple of books before bed. It’s the perfect little spot to unwind at the end of the day.

Rebecca X 


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