Preparing your home for Spring

It’s here, well almost here I think, either way Spring can’t be far off now and we’ll soon be cruising into summer. As we shake off the remains of Winter and start to see glimpses of new growth, here are a few things you can do to prepare your home for Spring and fully embrace this season. I feel so thankful that I live in a country with seasons as I love the ritual of saying goodbye to the last one and welcoming in a new season and all that it brings.

Do a Spring clean

This may seem glaringly obvious but unless you intentionally set aside a day (or two) to do a thorough spring clean the moment will have passed, it will be summer and you’ll end up putting it off until the next year. Although spring cleaning can seem like a bit of a bore the more the intentional you are about it the more you will enjoy the whole process. By this I mean setting aside a day to focus on it, roping in whoever you live with so you don’t end up feeling bitter about doing all the work and treating yourself to some new cleaning tools and products.  A spring clean is essentially your usual cleaning routine but amped up. Here are a few things I like to do as part of a spring clean:

– Clean the oven

– Hoover behind and under furniture

– Clean out the fridge

– Defrost the freezer

– Clean the dishwasher 

– Clean the washing machine and dryer

– Any seasonal gardening

Get your windows cleaned

We never got our windows cleaned in our last flat and by the time we moved there was a serious layer of grub on all of them. Although they may not look that bad it’s amazing how much dirt can slowly build up on windows. Whether you do it yourself or get someone in to do them, cleaning you windows inside and out will let in a load more light making your home feel lighter and brighter instantly. Clean windows coupled with longer days should leave you feeling a bit more energised especially in the morning.

Add some new recipes to your repertoire 

Unless I stop and think about it I can easily end up cooking the same 8 or 9 recipes for dinner for the whole year. A change of season is a lovely chance to leaf through your cookbooks and add some new recipes to your repertoire that reflect the season. Not only does it mean you can try something new but also fruit and veg that is in season is often cheaper in the supermarkets and so it will save you a little bit of money.

Put away winter blankets and duvets

Put away all your heavy winter blankets, duvets and bedspreads and prepare your bedroom and living room for Spring. Store them away in a cupboard so that they’re not taking up any unnecessary space whilst they’re not being used. In the winter it’s lovely to have layers and layers or warm blankets etc. around the house but come Spring it can start to feel a bit cluttered. I don’t bother washing them at this point unless they are really dirty as I’ll only want to wash them again when I take them out for Autumn. Bring out any lighter throws you have for the living room for any chillier nights that we’ll undoubtedly have in the UK.

Put away Winter shoes and coats

Similar to the previous point, now is a great time to put away some of the more heavy duty shoes and coats you’ve been using over winter and bring out the lighter ones you haven’t seen for a while. If I don’t make a point to do this I end up wearing the same black boots for 90% of the year and realise I have a load of shoes that I’ve barely worn. Putting away clothes seasonally is great as your get to rediscover things you haven’t see for a while and it’s almost like you’ve bought yourself something new (almost).

Treat yourself to a new vase

Spring is the season for lovely fresh flowers so treat yourself to a new vase that you can use to brighten up a room. I love having fresh flowers around the house as they are a great way of embracing and reflecting the current season.

Paint a room that’s been on your ‘to do list’

Spring is the perfect time to paint a room that you’ve been meaning to for a while. A lick of paint is an easy way to breathe new life into a place and you’ll be able to enjoy it all summer. This spring we are tackling the kitchen which I will do an update on shortly.

Check the batteries in your smoke alarm

This is an incredibly practical point but I thought I would include it as my husband and I often forget to regularly do this. Someone once suggested to me that you should make a point of doing it when the clocks change, that way you have two times in the year when you check your smoke alarms. Either way if you make it part of the spring clean or something else, give it a designated time in the year to do it so it doesn’t get forgotten.

I’m aiming to spend some time doing each of the things on this list during March. I hope you found it helpful in some way and has got you looking forward to Spring.

Rebecca X


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