Our new bathroom

Now that the dust has finally settled (literally) I thought I’d do the first house update featuring our new bathroom.

We hadn’t originally planned to touch the bathroom when we moved in but it started leaking in various places (none of which we could properly identify) and one day Graham decided he had had enough and wasn’t going to wait for the ceiling below to fall in.

The bathroom before with the strange step. The bathroom had been installed 30 years earlier…

We had already placed a rug, that had been my great Aunt’s, in the bathroom when we moved in and we liked the colours and the feel it gave so much (to even a very tired bathroom) that we decided to use it as our starting point for the new bathroom.

I’ve always liked the idea of creating a bathroom that feels like another homely room in the house. Warm, cosy and inviting, after all you can end up spending a lot of time in there and in London every sq ft counts. We are also fortunate that this house has quite a sizeable bathroom (for a terraced house) so we had a bit of space to jig things around and experiment.

We first trotted off to the Bath Store who had a mega sale and promptly put down a deposit for a traditional style bathroom. Once home and having had a bit of time to research we realised that the quality of the materials were not that great and we could actually get something much better made and for less money if we did a bit of digging about. The final straw was when we got the quote for installation which was astronomical so we promptly cancelled the order and got our deposit back (to their credit they were very happy to do this and didn’t try to persuade us to change our minds).

We visited a number of places and got various quotes but in the end we ended up getting a mix of things from the Cast Iron Bath Company and Chris Stevens (a trade discount centre).

After finding some fantastic builders who could do the bathroom and other work needed about the house we finally started work! All in all it took about 3 weeks to complete as we raised the ceiling slightly and replaced the floorboards. We also moved the toilet/waste pipe and removed a strange step that was in the centre of the room so this added a bit of time.

It’s now finally finished, although I still need to find a few more pictures to hang on the walls, but I’m in no rush to do so and will find stuff as and when they pop up!

Burlington toilet from Chris Stevens

Burlington toilet and toilet paper holder from Chris Stevens. Spare toilet paper holder, toilet brush and bin from John Lewis.

The rug that inspired the bathroom from my late great Aunt.

When we tore out the old bathroom we uncovered the original chimney breast which I thought would be fun to incorporate into the new bathroom and make it more homely. We found this fireplace surround on Ebay for £40 (you can find similar here) and painted it in Farrow and Balls Railings. The fireplace is not working but purely ornamental. The picture is a Gaudi poster  that we picked up in Spain last year when we visited Gaudi’s house and we just framed it. I love the colours!

I got this little stool from the Futon Company, it’s a little pricier than I wanted to pay but suits our needs perfectly. I wanted something that Graham and I could sit on whilst Q was having a bath but also something that Q could use when he’s a bit older for brushing his teeth and going to the loo. I love that the little step folds out and it’s made from solid oak so should last.

The bath is from the Cast Iron Bath Company and painted in Farrow and Ball’s Red Earth. The blind was made by a local upholsterer with some fabric I found whilst we were on holiday in Wales. Both colours were inspired by the rug!

I got this little bathroom caddy from the Futon Company (one of my favourite places for home storage) to store all of Q’s things; body wash, toothbrush, bath toys and nappies. It’s handy for us to be able to move around the bathroom and when he’s a bit older he will be able to get everything himself.

The mirror is from the Cast Iron Bath Company, the shelf and sink are by Burlington from Chris Stevens and the tiles are the Astrea Sage tile from Topps Tiles. We didn’t have a huge amount of tiling in the bathroom, just the bare minimum, which we prefer and kept the cost down.

The towel rail is from the Cast Iron Bath Company and although we’ve not properly used it yet because it’s summer it looks beautiful in the room.

The shower is by Merlyn from Chris Stevens and we managed to get it for a third of the price because they had a load they had bought in bulk. The shower heads are by Burlington also from Chris Stevens.

We picked up this print whilst in North Wales this summer. It’s of a little town near where my Grandparents house is.

The walls are Farrow and Ball’s Wimborne White and the skirting is F&B’s Railings (we also used railing in our hallway below the dado rail).

We picked the cupboard up on eBay for £40 a few years ago. It’s played various roles in our homes; a storage cupboard, a TV unit and now a bathroom cupboard for all our stuff. I love finding new places and uses for things we already own, it feels like a new piece again! The silver mirror was my Grandmothers, the glass has been smashed and so I’m planning on replacing it but I still enjoy looking at it as it is for now.

The only bit of real work still to be done is to paint the floorboards. The builder wanted to wait until the floorboards had had a chance to expand and contract before we painted them the final colour, which will also be Wimborne White. 

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our bathroom. Let me know if you have any questions.

Rebecca X 


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