Orange and Clove Pomanders

Since I can remember my mother has always made Orange Pomanders at Christmas and since she was back in the UK we decided to carry on the ritual this year.

It’s a lovely festive thing to do over the weekend, extremely easy and results in the most heavenly smell wafting through the house. Put some Christmas music on, grab a glass of mulled wine and you’ll be set for a lovely christmassy afternoon.

what you'll need 2

What you’ll need

* Medium oranges

* Cloves (lots)

* A pin

* Ribbon (if you want to hang your pomanders)

What you need to do

Before you start have a think about what pattern you want to create. You can either choose to cover the whole orange with cloves or go for a pattern, I like doing both.

Orange pomanders can last for years if they dehydrate properly and the more cloves you put in them the better they dehydrate. I like to make these fresh each year though so I don’t worry about them lasting too long.

You can either push the cloves into the orange by hand or use a pin to make a hole first. I prefer using my hands but you do come across a few sharp cloves!

Depending on what pattern you want to do start by marking out the starting point for each of your rows.


Now you can begin filling out your pattern, pushing each of the cloves in until you’re happy with the end result. If you want to hang your pomanders I would suggest tying the ribbon around the orange first before you stick in the cloves.

half way through

mum hands

And that’s it, you now have your lovely festive pomanders which will give off a lovely Christmasy smell for weeks. These also make great little gifts so make a whole load so you can share them when visiting friends over the festive season.

living room shot

finished close up

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