Nursery Moodboard

Although we’re not sure where we’ll be living when Baby Constable arrives I have been busy planning and pinning, trying to work out what kind of nursery I want to create, wherever that might be.

We decided to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl at the 20 week scan. Partly because I wanted to be able to whittle down names and not worry about buying a load of things that were too girly. But also because Graham and I figured it would be a surprise whether we found out at 20 weeks or when it was born so why not now?!

It was confirmed that baby C is going to be a boy and so I’ve tried to work out what I want the nursery to look like by pulling together a few ideas. 

It’s turned or fairly neutral but I’m sure it will evolve and change over the next few months, especially as I have no idea where or when I’m actually going to start bringing it all to life.

Rebecca X

Nursery Moodboard

1. Zigzag storage baskets from This Modern Life   2. Scripture printable from Hand Lettering Co.  3. Animal alphabet cards by Kate Durkin from Etsy  4. Winnie the Pooh print from John Lewis  5. Shelf and wall stickers from This Modern Life  6. Chest of drawers from Ikea  7. Woven baskets from This Modern Life


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