My favourite shops in London for the home

I thought I’d do a roundup of my current favourite shops in London for furniture and homeware products. When I find a shop I love I tend to go back there again and again until there’s not much left for me to buy. These are my top 5 go to places at the moment!


The Hackney Draper

I discovered this little shop on Instagram before I actually visited it in the flesh. It’s sits on Chatsworth Road in Lower Clapton and is full of beautiful fabrics, rugs, candles and smaller homeware items sourced from all over the world. Take a peek at their Instagram account to get good a flavour of what’s on offer but I would definitely recommend a visit if you have any upholstery projects planned.

Aladdin’s Furniture

As the name suggests this is an Aladdin’s cave full of second hand bargains ready to be snapped up! The shop looks deceivingly small from the outside but once you step in you can get lost in the long corridors piled high. They specialise in second hand furniture (although I have picked up cushions and all sorts here) which is reasonably priced and they’re happy to negotiate on price.

H&M Home

I know this is no secret but I myself have only recently realised just how brilliant the home section of H&M is. Focussing on the lighter side of homeware this is the ideal place to cheaply revamp your home with accessories or style it for the season. Find your local shop and go mad scooping up tiny bowls and candle holders (all those small things you don’t really need).

High Road Auctions

This is not technically a shop but rather an auction house with two branches, one in Chiswick and the other in Twickenham. It’s fantastic for finding reasonably priced Persian rugs and other lovely antiques. Each branch holds an auction once a week with an online catalogue you can view 6 days prior to auction. If you see an item online that you absolutely love but can’t face schlepping to either place you can do an online or telephone bid. It couldn’t be easier to score yourself an unusual gem!

Labour and Wait

This shop on Redchurch Street has long been a favourite with East Londoners and has steadily grown a global following. However I still find myself going back here for those everyday household items and unusual Christmas presents for family members who are hard to please. Their products are timeless classics that have been around for decades and are not only functional but beautiful.


I hope it’s given you some new ideas about where to go for homeware and furniture. Where are your favourite places to shop for the home?

Rebecca X

The Hackney Draper
Beeswax candles at the Hackney Draper


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