Monthly Favourites – July

Bits and bobs I’ve been using around the home ranging from the mundane to the magnificent, the pretty to the practical.

Back in March I decided to start a new monthly series but life got in the way so I’m only now following up with July! I’m getting myself organised though so hopefully you can expect more of the same next month…

First up are these gorgeous gold magnetic clips from Cassius and Coco in Crouch End (you can also find some similar here) I mentioned these in an Instagram post the other day as they’ve been helping to organise Q’s bibs on the side of the fridge and I’m also using them to stick up my weekly meal plan (more on this to come once I’ve finally cracked it). I’m such a magpie and can’t resist anything gold/shiny!

My second monthly favourite is this natural stain remover from Attitude. It was recommended to me by a friend and I love that it’s not got anything nasty in it (I haven’t quite got round to making my own stain remover…) It works wonders on all of Q’s grubby clothes and smells like sweets so it’s a complete pleasure to use.

Finally my last monthly favourite are these handy drain and sink unblockers from Labour and Wait (frankly anything from this shop is a favourite of mine). I’ve started to incorporate them into my weekly bathroom clean and they’re helping keep our drains hair free (I’m definitely the main culprit 🙈). They each do a different thing; the round brush for cleaning around the sink and bath, the L shaped one for cleaning the overflow and the long thin one for cleaning down the plughole and pulling up all the hair. A simple, chemical free, solution to stop blocked drains that you can use again and again.

That’s it for this month. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above or if you’ve got something you’ve loved using around the house this month.

Rebecca X 


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