Mini Kitchen Makeover: Before

As you may know we’ve recently moved house and so we’ve got a bit of a project on our hands. Graham, my husband, has declared that we’re never moving again due to stress (and cost) of it so I’ve got plenty of time to do this place up.

Due to the aforementioned cost of moving house we currently don’t have a lot of money to redecorate and so we’re doing what we can to put our stamp on the place whilst we save up. I’m not changing any of the cupboards or fixtures, hence the reason this is a mini-makeover, just changing the look and feel of the room (I previously did a mini-makeover of our bathroom which you can see here)

The kitchen is definitely one of our long term projects, we have dreams of doing a side return, opening up the ground floor and creating a family friendly space, however none of this will be able to happen in the next 5-10 years. So in the meantime I’m determined to make the most out of our current kitchen.

We bought the house from a lovely couple who had lived here for 30 years however their taste in decor didn’t exactly match ours. It’s not awful at all but it’s just not us!

kitchen makeover before

What I plan to do

The current colour scheme throughout the house is magnolia and a light orange colour and the kitchen is no exception. The first thing I want to do is paint it white. I’ve been experimenting with a few Farrow and Ball samples but I may also just go down the cheaper route and buy a big tub of Dulux bright white. Sometimes simpler is better .

I’m also going to experiment with tile paint for the first time. It’s all very well painting the walls white but when there’s still loads of multicoloured tiles throughout the room it’s not going to be the paired back simple space I crave. I’ve read mixed reviews about tile paint but if it works it will make all the difference.

I’ve bought some shelves from Ikea that I plan to put in one corner of the kitchen to house all our cookbooks, jars of dried goods and our more beautiful crockery and glasses. I’m quite excited because I’ve never had open shelving in a kitchen but if you’ve been on Instagram for longer than 5 minutes you’ll almost definitely end up wanting open shelving too!

We’ve currently got a blue blind with a sun motif over our window by the kitchen table. I’m planning to get rid of this and replace it with some cafe style curtains that I’m going to make myself. I haven’t picked out a fabric yet but something quite plain and pared back. They won’t cover the whole window just the lower half which Graham isn’t too keen on but we’ve agreed to give them a go for a while.

Finally I’m going to repurpose some of the furniture and accessories from around the house that we haven’t found a home for yet since we’ve moved. I’ve got a white console table that we used to have below the TV that I will move into the alcove below the shelves and a lovely green lamp we’ve never found a home for.

The plan is to do all of this during Q’s lunchtime naps, therefore I have no idea how long it will take or when it will be done. However I am so excited to get going and see how much I can change the space without spending too much. I’ll do an ‘After’ post on the blog as soon as it’s all finished.

Rebecca X


kitchen makeover before



kitchen makeover before

kitchen makeover before


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