Maternity leave: Before the baby arrives!

I’m finally on maternity leave! I have been counting down the days (and hours) until this moment since I found out I was pregnant. It’s not that I don’t like my job, I do most of the time, but who wouldn’t look forward to a chance to jump off the relentless work train and put your out of office on for 12 months!

Although I’m extremely excited about the arrival of our little guy I’m also quite excited about the few weeks (hopefully) that I’ll have before his arrival and to have some me time. I love my own company so the prospect of 3 weeks on my own just to potter around the house and work on the blog is bliss!

In an attempt to make the most of this time I have been drawing up a list of all the things I want to do before he arrives. So here’s my top 5 things I plan to do that are COMPLETELY un-baby related:

Start meal planning – Graham and I tend to live from day-to-day when it comes to food shopping and meal planning i.e. there is no plan! Whilst this kind of suits us as it means we can be flexible and cook whatever takes our (my) fancy that day, in reality if probably costs us a lot more, results in a lot of waste and also means we tend to eat the same old things. I have loads of lovely cookbooks so over the next couple of weeks I want to spend time delving into them and dreaming up some new and exciting dishes. With the whole day to think about cooking supper I’m hoping it means I can get back to enjoying cooking rather than rushing to get something on the table so I can flop in front of the TV before bed.

Read, read, read – I’ve completely fallen out of the rhythm of finding the time to read. I used to swallow up a book a fortnight and now its more like a couple when I go on holiday. With my bookshelves brimming with lot of unread books I’m determined to actually start reading them and not fall into the dangerous grips of daytime TV! I especially want to carve out some good time to read my Bible rather than just squeezing in 5 minutes first thing in the morning when I’m not quite compos mentis.

Get a pedicure – Ok this is slightly baby related, but only in the fact that I want to have beautifully soft and perfectly manicured feet once the baby arrives. I can’t currently reach/see my toes and I know I’ll no longer have time to think about painting them once he arrives. A long relaxing pedicure where they use commercial grade sanders to get the hard skin off your feet is my idea of pure bliss.

Write blog posts – An obvious one I know but for me the blog is a chance to have something to focus on during maternity leave that is not all about baby. I’ve got loads of ideas running around my head and filling up my notebook so I want to get ahead of the game and start bringing it all to life. I have no idea what it will be like trying to find my rhythm with a new baby so I want to take this opportunity to build up a bit of backlog. Watch this space!

Clean my makeup brushes – I’ve been so excited about the prospect of doing this that I have mentioned it to everyone at work who has asked what I’ll be doing on maternity leave.The fact that I have never done this probably says a lot about me and has likely left my colleagues with the impression that I’m a complete slob. But hey ho. I probably won’t have the time to apply make up once he arrives, let alone clean my brushes so I’m seeing this as my one and only chance to tackle this very grown up task!

Please let me know what you think I should be doing to make the most of these last few baby free weeks!

Rebecca X


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