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Whether you love it or hate it we have all had a run in with Ikea at some point in our lives. Personally I love the place. My husband and I think an evening spent at Ikea with a meatball supper is an excellent date night, but that probably says more about us than the place.

Ikea furniture was a regular stalwart throughout my childhood and I grew up trying to unpick the instructions and build whatever we had just purchased. However after over a quarter of a century of living with Ikea products it has become clear that there are some real gems and some real stinkers!

This is by no means an exhaustive list (!) but to help you sort the wheat from the chaff her are some of my Ikea keepers!

1. So it’s probably quite obvious that I love this table as I’ve already done a previous post about upscaling this (see here) but I wanted to include it again in this post. I think you get such a good deal for your money (£45 for the coffee table AND side table) and it’s the perfect coffee table for any living room that doesn’t have a huge amount of space.

2. I think EVERY bathroom needs one of these mirrors, no matter how many mirrors you already have in the room. The mirror has one normal side and one magnified side which is great for doing your make-up, examining your pores and all the other things you might get up to in bathroom. Oh, and it’s only £4.50, another great Ikea steal.

3. I love these steps because they are multifunctional, again a great solution if you don’t have much space. We mainly use this as a side table next to our sofa, but we initially bought them so that we had a small step ladder in order to change light bulbs and hang pictures etc. I love anything that is multi-purpose and reduces the need to buy two things when one can do the job! I also have some plans to do a bit of a paint job on this and dip dye the legs so watch this space.

4. This chest of drawers is huge and sturdy – what more could you want from a chest of drawers?! When my husband and I first began living together he was convinced that we already had plenty of space for clothes…clearly he had never lived with a girl. I quickly marched us off to Ikea and we settled on this beauty. It has loads of space for both of our stuff and I love that it has a huge  surface area on top as it provides the perfect space to display bits and bobs.

5. Finally we have this awesome chair! For £195 you get a fantastic piece of furniture that is well built, will last a long time in your home, so comfortable and you would never guess it was from Ikea. It’s the perfect chair to curl up in and watch a movie or read a book. It’s also great for adding a bit style and pizzaz into your home. We bought this chair in a reddy-orange colour and it adds a  but of fun to our living room. I also love the light grey colour as its very sleek.

So there you have it, my round-up of Ikea keepers. As I said it is my no means exhaustive and I know there are probably hundreds more great Ikea finds out there for me to discover (challenge!). Let me know what some of your Ikea favourites are.

Rebecca X

Red ikea chiar_edited-1


Step ladder 2


Top of drawers 2


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