Ikea Hack // Moppe Makeover

I wanted to share another Ikea hack that’s so easy peasy you can do it in just over an hour. I love trying to find ways to upscale items I already have rather than buying something new. I’ve had a number of these Moppe drawers throughout my childhood and teenage years, so I thought I would try and transform it into something I can continue to use now.

What you’ll need

How to

First you need to paint the drawers! I used a sample pot that I had lying about the house rather than buying anything new. Either you can go for any neutral colour or use it as a chance to inject a bit of colour into the room. Do two coats of paint to ensure you get a nice even coverage.

One thing to bare in mind when painting the individual drawers is that you are going to reinsert them backwards so that you no longer see the little finger hole. I forgot this when painting mine so ended up painting both ends…


Once the paint has dried you can now begin to attach the drawer pulls. Use a ruler to make sure you screw each one into the centre of the drawer, nobody wants wonky uneven drawer pulls! And remember you’re screwing them on what was originally the back of the drawers.


Once you’ve screwed on you drawer pulls the only thing left to do is create some labels. I used some card and a kids stamp kit from John Lewis that we bought a while back to create our wedding invites.

And there you have it, a quick simple makeover of an Ikea classic.

Rebecca X




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