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It’s that time of the year when people are trying to get rid of all the stuff they no longer need or is cluttering up their home. A new year symbolises a fresh start and a chance to reset. It also means it’s the perfect time to go on eBay and start finding some great gems…after all one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Ebay has been a great source for us as we’ve slowly turned our flat into a home. I would thoroughly recommend using eBay for all those trying to do the same. Whether its something small like a vase or something larger like a chest of drawers, it’s the best place to find lovely unique items at fab prices.

However I’ve had some eBay highs and lows, so I thought I would share some of the lessons (and mistakes) I’ve learnt whilst bidding online for treasure.



Filter your search by location

I have made this mistake before and so have many others. The feeling of elation after winning something in a bidding war is quickly swept away when you realise the item is actually in Scotland and is too big to post. When searching for larger items make sure you enter your postcode and filter by a certain distance from your house. It all depends on how far you are willing to travel to get something. If you live in or around London you are likely to have more choice, however you’re more likely to get a better for items that are in less popular areas.

Don’t be afraid to wait for the right thing

The listings on eBay change every hour, more and more people are using it to the point where you can almost certainly find the thing you’re looking for. If you can’t seem to find just what you want don’t give up hope, a new day brings a whole new load of stuff on eBay. Set up an alert and keep checking regularly, it will almost definitely turn up.

Looks can be deceiving – Check the dimensions

You can find all sorts of camera trickery on eBay, small things appear huge and huge things appear tiny (and its not necessarily deliberately done by the seller). Always check the dimensions of the item you’re buying, whether it’s a candlestick or a cupboard. If they haven’t included dimensions contact the seller to ask them to provide them. It most cases I have found they are not at all the size I thought they were.

This will also be important when trying to transport larger objects home – check they can actually fit in your car!

Contact the seller

If you really want something and the auction doesn’t for a while it’s always worth contacting the seller directly to see if you can strike a deal. Often people are trying to get rid of something as quickly as possible and so they’re probably up for removing the item from auction if you’re willing to pay a suitable price.

It’s also worth contacting the seller if you miss bidding on an item that you’ve been watching but it doesn’t sell. The seller will likely re-list the item or at least still want to sell it.

People can be brutal on eBay

I learnt this the hard way after watching an item for over a week and bidding on it, someone outbid me in the last second of the auction, they upped their bid at the very last so I wasn’t able to increase my bid. Although it’s impossible to avoid this completely, if you enter your maximum bit at the start then eBay will automatically increase your bid as soon as someone else outbid you as long as it’s within you maximum limit. However, be prepared for a little heartache..

Download the app

The eBay app is brilliant and I actually prefer using it to the main website. The app also means you can be alerted when something you’re watching is coming to the end of it’s auction or if you’ve been outbid. You’ve got to stay on your toes on eBay and the app definitely helps you do that.



I hope you found my tips and tricks for eBay helpful and you’re now ready to go and snag some deals. Happy bidding!

Rebecca X

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A couple of eBay finds


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