Homemade all-purpose cleaner

I’ve recently been experimenting with making my own cleaning products. It’s something I had been thinking about doing for a while and was finally spurred on to do so with the arrival of my son Quentin.

I’ve been sharing a bit of what I’ve been doing on insta-stories and a number of you have asked for some details so I thought I would do a post on one of the easiest and most useful products I’ve made, an all-purpose cleaner. I use this all around the house to clean the kitchen, bathroom and most surfaces. And what’s great about it is that I can make it at my kitchen table in less than five minutes.

I decided to move towards natural cleaning products for a number of reasons. With a new baby in the house I didn’t want to be using harsh chemicals everywhere. I can now put Q in the bath having cleaned it earlier without worrying whether there is some nasty chemical residue. I can happily clean his highchair (we’ve just started weaning so it get’s very messy) and then let him slobber and gnaw on it without worrying about what’s going in his mouth. And when he starts to crawl and go after everything that he shouldn’t I won’t be worrying about bottles of bleach in the bathroom etc.

Another major benefit of making your own natural cleaning products is that it saves a load of money. It’s a little bit of money upfront but in the long run it’s much cheaper than buying they usual stuff in supermarkets. I bulk buy most items so that I get a good deal and then I’ve got everything I need to last me the best part of a year.

Making your own natural cleaning products also means you can customise the scent to your mood or the season. Using essential oils, you can leave your house smelling lovely and fresh as you clean, mixing and matching oils to come up with something you love.

And finally the last thing I love about making my own cleaning products is that they look so much nicer sitting on the kitchen counter than anything you’ll find in a supermarket. I use amber glass bottles, which not only filter out UV light and protects the essential oils, but also look lovely. I know it’s a little bit trivial but if you’re going to use something everyday then why not make it beautiful as well as functional.


What you’ll need

* Distilled water – I’m currently buying bottles from here. You can use cooled boiled water but it can leave streaks.

* White vinegar

* Essential oils – lemon is great for cutting through grease and tea tree is great for dealing with germs

* Amber glass bottles – I get all of my bottles and jars from Baldwins (amazing value for money)

What you do

* Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of distilled water in a bottle

* Add 20 drops of your chosen essential oil(s)

* Shake before each use to ensure no separation

It’s so simple to make and doesn’t take long to whip up a new batch when you run out. I’ve also found that when I enjoy using something I use it more, which means I’m more likely to clean the kitchen or the bathroom (everyone’s a winner). Let me know how you get on making your own – happy cleaning!

Rebecca X



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