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As we’re hopefully going to be moving house at the beginning of December I wanted to take a few photos of the flat in order to capture our first home together and so we can remember how it looked before it becomes overtaken with baby paraphernalia.

This is the first place I’ve lived that is totally mine (and Graham’s) and I have loved experimenting and discovering my own style. I also decided to start this blog as a way of capturing all my home experiments and how the flat was evolving, so although I’m excited at the prospect of moving to a new place and a chance to start over again, I’m also sad to be leaving somewhere that has such happy memories for us.

I’ve been meaning to do this post for such a long time but its taken forever to get round to sufficiently tidying the flat (or shoving everything to the other side of the room) to take the photos and also to actually write up the post. Most of these photos have been taken over a number of days so apologies for the changes in light.



We live in an old converted school which means our flat has loads of character, exposed brick, big windows and double height ceilings. We’re certainly very lucky to live here! It’s an open plan flat with a living room/kitchen on the ground floor and our bedroom on a mezzanine.

Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour


We love having our living room and kitchen all in one space as it’s fantastic for entertaining however it can sometimes result in a few too many suppers in front of the TV. Our new place has a completely separate kitchen so it should remedy that!

Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour


Our bedroom is on a mezzanine which is great when it’s just the two of us but can be a little strange when we have guests to stay. Graham keeps saying he’s looking forward to living in a place with doors, which I think is especially true when my mother comes to stay and is so jet lagged she’s up at 4am rummaging around the kitchen!

Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour


Amazingly for a London flat we have quite a sizeable garden which we have only just managed to get to grips with and will be sad to leave so soon. It’s hosted many birthday BBQs and Graham even proposed to me in the garden so it has lots of special memories for us.

Interior Vine flat tour Interior Vine flat tour


So there you have it a a few snaps of our lovely flat, our fist marital home and possibly the baby’s first home. I can’t wait to have a brand new project to get stuck into but I’m going to miss this lovely place dearly.

Rebecca X 


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