Essential Oils Room Spray

I’ve been starting to experiment with essential oils and have found that there’s a myriad of uses for them around the home. I like using them because they can be a natural alternative to chemical products and they’re often cheaper too.
I remember growing up my mother always had an essential oil burner that would fill our flat with lovely scents and so I’ve been trying to do the same in our home

One of the simple uses for essential oils is to create a room/laundry spray. I use it in the living room, on the sofas and chairs, and on my sheets and towels before I put them away after they’ve been washed. Essential oil room sprays are a lovely way to freshen a room or create a calming space when you’re getting ready for bed. You just need to be careful you don’t spray on too much and end up staining any fabric. A little goes a long way with these.

There’s an endless number of oils and combinations you can create which makes it great fun experimenting but I love lavender, tea tree oil and eucalyptus as some of my staple oils.

These also make great presents so most of my family will be getting a bottle or two this Christmas.

What you’ll need:

* Some glass spray bottles. I love these brown bottles from Baldwins

* 40 drops of essential oils of your choice. I get mine also from Baldwins

* 100ml of boiled cooled water

* 1/4 teaspoon salt

How to:

* Boil some water and let it cool before putting it into your bottles. Ideally you should use distilled water but I never have any in the house so I just use boiled water and it seems to work just as well.

* Add the salt to the water. This will help the oils and the water mix a bit better.

* Add your desired essential oils. If you want to create a mix you could do 15 drops of each or add more of whichever one you want to be the dominant scent.

* I love using my label maker which I got from Amazon to label anything in our house. If you’re making a number of different bottles it’s good to label them so you know which is which…

* Shake well before each use to ensure the oil and water is mixed.

* Spray wherever you desire!

Rebecca X


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