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Like most people (I think!) I have a dream of owning a sophisticated and varied collection of art that is casually hung around my home and is a talking point for all who visit. However the truth is I have neither the money nor the knowledge to make this dream a reality any time soon. In the meantime I have gone about making my own kind of art to adorn my walls until something changes.

It’s very easy to do and you only need a few things need to start creating some easy pieces of art for your home. So here we go..

Something to frame

This could be anything lying around your home, from wrapping paper, to free printables online or even old pieces of fabric. Once you start keeping your eyes open for potential things to be framed you’ll find they start popping up everywhere.

A frame

Obviously you can pick up photo frames anywhere, so I don’t need to say too much on this. For wallet friendly frames, try Ikea, Amazon or eBay!


Group art shot_edited numbered_edited-1

1. For this first piece I used a H&M dress that I had in my cupboard. I had never worn it but didn’t want to throw it away because I loved the colours and pattern so much. I only needed to use a small square and so I still have a load of fabric left for future project.

2. My sister-in-law gave me this lovely photo frame but I struggled to find a photo that would work in it because of the unusual shape. I bought  this book called The Custom Art Collection on Amazon, which is the ultimate cheat for easy art! You can simply flip through the pages and pull out and frame anything that takes your fancy. So that’s what I did – et voila!

3. For this picture I used a free online printable! I recently discovered online printables and I LOVE them! I used them in our wedding for signs and I used a load for a new years eve party we had. Once you start looking at what’s available for free online you’ll be amazed. This particular printable came from Vintageprintable.com and I simply printed it on grey card so that it didn’t look like something I had just printed on my printer (which is exactly what I did). I don’t believe in star signs at all but I like the style of this.

4. This piece is simply made from a wallpaper sample that I ordered online but never used. The actual design is of clouds but it looks quite abstract as I only have a small piece of it – I kind of like it that way.

5. Finally, this last piece is another image from The Custom Art Collection. I actually now have two of these that I put in out downstairs loo to brighten the place up. Cheap, easy and effective!


Fabric and frames


cloase up fabric





Leo the lion



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