Simple Ikea Coffee Table Hack

This coffee table upscale idea has been around for a while and is by no means an original idea of mine but it’s so easy and great I had to share it.

This table is perfect if you haven’t got lots of space or you like to keep things minimal, as the glass top and thin frame mean it doesn’t dominate or take up too much space in your living room. The glass top also means you can also keep all your magazines or coffee table books on display!

I can’t remember where I first saw this idea but I had been looking for a two tiered glass coffee table for ages! Not only did it fit the bill for what I was looking for but it’s very quick and easy to recreate and it’s cheap too. The other thing that makes this an absolute winner is that the coffee table comes with this side table included in the price! How could you not!?




The coffee and side table are part of the Vittsjo series from Ikea which I think they sell in all stores across the globe. The only other two things you need to complete this project are two cans of spray paint. One gold / brassy colour and one can of clear sealant to protect the table from future scuffs and ensure is stays looking good (something like this should do the job).


I tried a couple of different gold spray paints (different colours and brands) but PlastiKote is by far my favourite. The colour is lovely and brassy, not too gold, which stops it looking cheap or gimmicky. It also provides a really even and thick cover from the first coat which means you get a lovely even finish all over.



So here’s how to transform your tables…

The easiest way to get an even finish across all of the metal work is to do all the spray painting before you assemble it. Start by laying all the component parts out flat on a dry surface that you don’t mind getting covered in gold spray paint. Use an old cardboard box flattened out or some newspaper (I was a little too hasty and ended up spraying half of my garden decking gold!). It’s also worth separating the parts for the coffee table and the side table to avoid confusion when assembling later.

(Remember to keep the glass tops and black bottom of the coffee table separate, you don’t want these sprayed gold!)

When spraying all the parts try to spray the sides as well as the surface facing up, so that you only have to flip each part over once when it’s dry. Make sure you spray the parts from a bit of a distance, if you get too close the paint ends up building up and looking a bit blobby!

Once you have sprayed all the parts that are lying face up leave to dry for about 20 mins before you do the second coat. When the second coat is dry finish with a light covering of your clear sealant. When the sealant is dry turn all the pieces over and spray the remaining black sides. Again, leave to dry do a second coat and finally finish with sealant.

You may also want to lightly spray the black sticking pads that the glass tops rest on. You will see these through the glass when it is finally assembled, but it’s completely up to you.

Now that you finished spraying all the different parts and they have fully dried you can put together your tables following the Ikea instructions as normal!

And that’s it! Very simple, very quick and very cheap!


1436701354378 v2


If you want to take this upscale idea a step further you could experiment with some alternative finishes for the black shelf under the coffee table. You could either spray paint this another colour, find some fun wrapping paper to paste onto it or try something completely different.

My advice would be to leave it black for now and see what comes to mind as you live with it for a little bit (that’s what I’m doing 😉 )





I hope you liked this little tutorial, let me know how you get on with your own upscale projects.

Rebecca X




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