Dip Dye Utensils

This is a great little diy project if you want to inject some fun into your kitchen or if you want to make a homemade gift for a friend. I made these for a lovely friend of mine who has just bought her first flat.

Supplies shor

What you’ll need

* Wooden utensils – I got these sets from Hema, you can find them here and here

* Acrylic paint – I got this set off Amazon but you can find acrylic paint in loads of places

* Fine paint brushes

* Masking tape

* String – just to tie them all together if you’re giving them away as a present

* A jam jar with water to clean your brushes

What you need to do

Before you do anything play around with the acrylics and decide what colour you want to paint each utensil. I like having a block colour as the main part and then using a metallic colour as the accent tip. It’s completely up to you though so experiment and find some fun combinations.

close up testing paint

Next you need to use the masking tape to mark how far you want to paint up the length of the utensil, this will ensure you get a nice clear line.

Masking tape close up

Now you can begin painting your base colour. You may need to do a couple of coats depending on your paint and the utensils you’re using, so let it dry properly, do a second coat and let it dry again. I used an old bowl to rest the utensils upside down in whilst they dried.

Paint and tape

Once your utensils are completely dry (if you’re not sure wait a little longer) you can begin to paint on your accent colour. When applying the masking tape this time make sure you get rid of most of the stickiness by sticking it on a fluffy jumper a couple of times. This will stop the masking tape from peeling off the base coat when you remove it at the end.

I chose gold and silver as my accent colours. The silver paint I used was brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend it, the gold paint was a little thin for my liking and so I had to do a couple of coats.

metallic tips

Once your tips are dry slowly peel off the masking tape, carefully making sure you don’t peel any of the base colour off as well. And that’s it, you now have your own fun utensils that you can either keep for yourself or give away to lovely friends.

I would recommend hand washing these rather than putting them in the dishwasher to preserve the paint, but I would always hand wash anything wooden in the kitchen to stop it from warping.

I hope you enjoyed this little project, let me know how you get on with your own.

Rebecca X

finished bowl

Close up finished utensils



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