A simple face toner

I thought I’d share another homemade recipe with you as I’m continuing to experiment with natural products. This time it’s a beauty product!

I’ve been using this face toner for a couple of months and I’ve loved it for a number of reasons.

First of all it’s cheap! I was previously using the Liz Earle toner, which had been a staple in my bathroom cupboard for a number of years, however it’s not the cheapest and I go through it quite quickly. With me no longer working and I was looking for ways to save some money and swapping my old toner for this homemade one has saved us a few pounds.

Secondly it’s all completely natural. I’ve been thinking more and more about what I use around the home, and in my beauty routine, and I’m slowly trying to switch to more natural products. I am by no means there yet, and I probably never will be as there a few things I just don’t think I can give up, but this is one more step in the right direction and I think that’s better than doing nothing at all.

Thirdly it takes two seconds to make and only contains three ingredients. Perfect for people with busy lives. It’s made up of  water, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, both of which have loads of other uses for around the home so you’re not filling your cupboards with things you’ll only use once in a while.

And finally, and most importantly, it really works and has helped clear up my post-pregnancy spots!

I’ve been experimenting with the ratio of water to apple cider vinegar and have found what works best for me, but feel free to adjust the ratios according to your skin. The more apple cider vinegar you use the stronger the toner is.

A word of of warning, as you’re using apple cider vinegar it does smell strongly of it, however the smell quickly goes away after you’ve used it and I don’t even notice it anymore.

What you’ll need:

* Glass spray bottle (I get all my glass bottles fromBaldwins)

* Distilled or filtered water

* Apple cider vinegar with the mother (the mother is the naturally occurring strand-like enzymes that are only found in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar) I use Biona which is really easy to get hold of in the UK or you can use Braggs which is more readily available in the US but of course making its way over here

* Tea tree oil – a good quality one as this will be doing lots of work to clear up spots ( I always use Young Living essential oils)

What you need to do:

* mix 3 parts water to one part apple cider vinegar

* add 10 drops of tea tree oil

* shake well before use and spray over a cleansed face or when you get out the shower. In the evening I like to spray some on a cotton wool pad and use after I’ve washed and cleansed my face.

So that’s how you make a very simple and very effective toner. I’m going to continue to experiment with homemade beauty products. Let me know if you have any favourites.

Rebecca X


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